Solar Installation

Soleeva's Speciality

After all the planning, design, permits. Insulation, roofing the installation is where the pieces fit snugly together. The real beauty of the whole project is revealed here. When the Soleeva installation team  assembles your Solar Panel System you come to realize the beauty of a sole provider Solar Energy Company. There are no surprises at this point because it is the finishing touches of a well orchestrated plan. Soleeva installers are not only Solveeva employees but the designer of the system is overseeing the project. This vertically integrated Solar energy team will know every wire, nut, bolt and connection to perfection because Soleeva has maintained full control through the entire process.

Why is it important for our customer?

Our goal is to give you custom made, optimal solar and roofing solutions at the best possible price. Since we understand your needs, structure and budget in thorough detail, we can efficiently install your system without increasing our crew to insulate your house.

Where the panels meet the roof and the power meets your meter


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We will analyse your roof and energy required to find the best placement for your solar panels..


Installation by experienced professionals of roofing and solar. Time to sit back and enjoy the savings.