Solar Roof

Maximize Your Energy Output with a Solar Roof

Soleeva Solar Panels are guaranteed for 30 years. And we guarantee that our mountings will not cause a leek in your roof. With that guarantee comes responsibility to assure that you and Soleeva are properly protected from the elements. This is why Soleeva is an expert in all roofing types. Not just as a roofing installer but also as a Solar Panel System installer. As full-service licensed and insured roofers, we offer a variety of services. With a combined experience of over 3 decades, our roofing team installs the most complex roofs such as metal, shake, shingle. flat and tiles. When we install your roof (with or without Soleeva Energy panels).

Let Soleeva make your home safe, sealed and beautiful. All from a single source.


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We will analyse your roof and energy required to find the best placement for your solar panels..


Installation by experienced professionals of roofing and solar. Time to sit back and enjoy the savings.